Which paint is better to paint the bathroom? | Дизайн и интерьер

Which paint is better to paint the bathroom?

Which paint is better to paint the bathroom? | Дизайн и интерьер

Starting repairs in the bathroom, many people think about whether there is an alternative to expensive tiles? Of course, ceramic tiles look very beautiful, and they serve for quite a long time. But if there is no money for tiles yet, the bathroom walls can be painted with a special water – resistant paint. Such a design move will help significantly reduce the cost of repairs, and at the same time make your bath elegant and quite functional.

Painting the walls in the bathroom

Even the most inexperienced painter can do this job. So if you have a little time and desire — paint the walls in the bathroom yourself. This will further reduce the cost of repairs and give you the opportunity to try yourself as an apartment designer.

But in order for the paint on the walls of your bath to look attractive, the surface must be perfectly aligned. If the wall has chips, bumps or roughness – under a layer of paint, such defects will look very untidy and convex. Therefore, when going on a trip to the market for repairs, do not forget to enter professional putty for leveling the walls.

The bathroom painted with water – resistant paint has one big drawback-it requires more careful care than the walls covered with tiles. After all, on a light surface, any drop of soapy water will be visible as under a microscope. In addition, the paint does not like bumps or other physical impacts, so the walls will need to be handled very carefully.

What paint should I use?

As mentioned above, we will need water – resistant paint for the walls. After all, no other can withstand high humidity and high temperatures, which are constantly in the bathroom during washing. Water – resistant paint for walls can be of different types-they all have their advantages and disadvantages, and it depends on you which one you choose. Let’s look at some of them.

Acrylic paint. You can paint any surface: brick, concrete, plaster, wood, etc.does not paint metal. In construction stores, you can find a fairly rich color palette of acrylic paints. Some companies practice mixing any shades in the presence of the buyer.

Latex paint. Contains in its composition latex – a substance that increases the water resistant properties of the paint. With latex paint, you can paint even uneven surfaces without pre-treatment. Sufficiently wear-resistant, not afraid of direct water ingress. It has the only drawback – a relatively high cost.

Latex paint. There are different types depending on the purpose. It is diluted with water, environmentally friendly, dries instantly and does not smell anything. Quite inexpensive. Water-based paint is easy to apply, it lays down an even layer even for an inexperienced master. When latex is added to the paint, the resistance to moisture and deformations increases. The only drawback of the water – based emulsion is that it does not like frequent washing with chemical detergents. So those surfaces where water can get, and this is the area near the shower and washbasin – it is better to lay out several rows of tiles.

The choice of the manufacturer.

Now you can buy paint for repairs very quickly and easily – in every hardware store or supermarket you will be offered the widest selection of types, colors and manufacturers. Therefore, you need to focus only on your financial capabilities.

But here you should remember that bathroom repairs are not done for a short time, even sometimes for more than one year. So if you bought a cheap paint unknown maker – no one can guarantee that after a few months it will not fade, will not go bubbles, or do not peel off the walls.

Therefore, it is better to choose well-known brands, the choice of which is quite widely represented in stores in any city or locality.

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