Choosing the design of a small room | Дизайн и интерьер

Choosing the design of a small room

Choosing the design of a small room | Дизайн и интерьер

Not all people can boast of having spacious housing. Most of us are forced to live in fairly modest apartments. But even a very small room can be made cozy and very comfortable. To do this, you need to know the basics of placing interior items in small spaces and a little imagination. In any case, any of you can make a beautiful design of a small room.

The main task to start from is to create a visually spacious room. This is achieved not only by the correct use of interior details, but also with the participation of natural and artificial lighting. If you are decorating a bedroom or children’s room, it is best to arrange built – in spotlights around the perimeter of the room, this will free up the ceiling and make it visually higher. Do not forget about indoor plants that will be placed on the windowsill or shelves near the window. This decor will create the effect of proximity to nature and fill the room with a large amount of oxygen.

If you are designing a children’s room, be sure to use environmentally friendly materials that do not cause an allergic reaction and do not evaporate harmful substances into the air.

There are basic principles for visually enlarging a small space. One of them is the small size of interior items and the minimum number of them. Also, a small room should not have bright spots that would attract attention, as well as large furniture – all this greatly reduces the space.

The light color scheme expands and enlarges even a very small room. Choose soft blue, pearl, pink or pastel colors. Furniture is also better to choose a light shade, although it is more «capricious» in care, but it does not attract attention and does not «eat» square meters.

Minimalism in everything – this should be your motto when designing a small room. Moreover, all interior details should be small in size. Huge sofas or armchairs will be out of place here. It is better to choose two small sofas and several Ottomans than a large «sexodrome» that will take up all your living space.

Small rooms should have plenty of natural light. If this is not possible, consider high – quality artificial lighting, so that the light flows as if from nowhere, this feeling will give you a lot of spot lamps built into the cornices of furniture. Install floor lamps and floor lamps – this will visually make the ceiling height higher.

The floor covering should be the same color and, if possible, with the same pattern as the Wallpaper on the walls. This will make the border between the floor and walls almost indistinguishable, which also visually increases the room. Large mirrors placed on the walls also increase the space. But you should always remember that many mirrors do not cause internal comfort, for example, in the bedroom. Therefore, you should always adhere to the norm.

But large paintings in small rooms look very good, as they look into the future. But if the picture is elongated in height, it visually reduces the ceiling, so it is better not to use such decorative elements at low ceilings.

Visually increase the room will help the abundance of mirror and glass surfaces on the furniture. Thanks to the game of glare and reflections, you can completely transform your home, make it airy, filled with light. But the deaf, closed furniture makes the room stuffy and dark.

It is best to place furniture under the walls, as the Central location of cabinets and bookcases will divide the room and greatly reduce it. For the same reason, the backs of chairs and the eaves of cabinets should be low. All this increases the height of the room. If you have a lot of things that have nowhere to put – instead of a wardrobe, buy a wardrobe to the ceiling with mirrored doors. It will visually enlarge the room and accommodate a lot of things.

And one more important point. If possible, the walls, floor, ceiling soft upholstery, curtains should be plain or with a very small, almost invisible pattern, as large and very colorful ornaments on the Wallpaper make the room clogged, gloomy and almost devoid of oxygen.

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