Bedroom interior in a modern style | Дизайн и интерьер

Bedroom interior in a modern style

Bedroom interior in a modern style | Дизайн и интерьер

Each room of a modern apartment has its own, often very different, functional value. In the kitchen we prepare food and use it, in the bathroom we take care of cleanliness and hygiene, in the living room we relax, in the office we work. Not an exception is the bedroom, that is, a room for sleeping and night rest. Therefore, the value of the bedroom interior in a modern apartment is huge, since the way a person rested during the night depends on his mood and performance.

Starting the renovation in the bedroom, we wonder in what style this time to maintain the room? Naturally, we want everything to be aesthetically thought out and work on the General idea of not only a separate room, but also the entire apartment as a whole. Here it is worth noting that there is no specific stylistic direction that corresponds to the term «bedroom design in a modern style». This can be a classic version or a bedroom in the high-tech style, a room in the Provencal style or art Deco. All of them will be considered quite modern, if you adhere to certain mandatory conditions.

The first condition that turns the bedroom into a modern place to relax is a clear functionality. We need a bedroom to rest and relax, which means that it should not contain items that do not contribute to rest: bright carpets, annoying interior elements, excessive congestion and clutter of the design with foreign objects. This should be a room made in a calm color scheme. Choose two shades, for example, beige and light brown, blue and light gray, green and malachite. Do not make the bedroom excessively colorful, as this interferes with sleep and distracts from the rest process.

Another prerequisite is to adhere to one particular style. Eclecticism is not in fashion today. If this is a classic style, then it should contain all the furniture, picture frames, bed, curtains and decorations, etc. In addition to the classic style, today, the most commonly used are high-tech and minimalism.

If almost everyone is familiar with the classical style, then the last two may raise certain questions. The high-tech style is based on maximum simplicity and technocratic solutions. Wallpaper and drywall are not used here. Opt for a plain whitewash, all interior details should contain a maximum of metal, mostly chrome or imitation. Here you can use gray, white and black colors, geometric drawings on the walls and as furniture decoration. Another feature of the high-tech style is the versatility of interior items, even non-traditional ones, when the Cabinet handles also serve as a bottle opener or a mini-bar is built into the back of the bed. This combination may seem strange, but it is often useful or just fun.

The second style that has gained popularity in modern interior design is minimalism. Here the name itself speaks for itself: the bedroom should contain as few things, furniture, and jewelry as possible. In particular, there is no place in such a bedroom for objects that are not related to recreation. The same applies to the color scheme, it should fill the room with internal light and create a sense of lightness, flight.

It is best to choose one basic tone, on the basis of which it is not forbidden to improvise others that are similar in color. Ideal here will be white, beige, cream, light blue and other light shades.

Whatever style you choose, there can be no unambiguous, once and for all canonized solutions here. Many people have thought about what should be the Wallpaper in a modern bedroom? It is difficult to answer this question. Modern designers, as a rule, refuse to Wallpaper in the bedroom, preferring to paint the walls with water-based emulsion. But, in addition, there are Wallpaper for painting, giving the walls a light texture. The ceiling can be decorated in one color, or you can take a stretch film with a pattern that will imitate, for example, the starry sky or clouds, tree branches, etc.

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